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As a School Governor and mother of two young boys I recognise the daily challenges that face Head Teachers and their staff. All too frequently this has an impact upon the time available to do the very things that are undoubtedly close to your heart –nurturing your pupil’s hopes and aspirations and inspiring them to the realisation of their dreams and ambitions.

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If ever there was a speaker with an inspirational CV, then Mandy Hickson is that person. Armed with achievements many of us could only dream of whilst watching Top Gun, she delivered a brilliantly prepared and fascinating speech into her lifeand what had driven and helped her to succeed. Great video footage and excellent support slides ensured she had our pupils spellbound from start to finish. The Q & A session could have lasted well into the night and was a testament to how well she had held their attention throughout the lecture.

Tom Haigh, Deputy Headmaster, Cheam School

Mandy Hickson’s presentation to our Sixth Form told her remarkable story that was inspirational yet grounded in down to earth common sense, giving the message that you too can achieve whatever you set your mind to. Her story is remarkable, and was told in a warm, light hearted and accessible fashion ensuring the girls were wholly engaged throughout. For young women who are about to end their school careers and take their first step into Higher Education and careers, Mandy Hickson’s message couldn’t have been more timely or relevant. She is a great speaker and a lovely person.

Rowan MacNeary, Director of Sixth Form, Sherborne Girls

I would like to thank Mandy for an inspirational and engaging presentation as our guest of honour at our school’s Prize Giving Ceremony. She admirably tailored her speech to reach the girls, aged between seven and eleven and their parents, which was a skill in itself. She is very modest about her achievements in a world dominated by men and was truly an inspiration to our girls.

Cath Bufton, Head of Surbiton High Junior Girls’ and Boys’ Preparatory Schools

Many thanks for sharing not only your considerable expertise with us, but also for sharing yourself. As you note in your talk, the advice you received was ‘to be yourself’. That you were: and a fine example to our boys and girls who were gripped and entertained by your dynamic talk. Comments by students afterwards, always the acid test, were universally positive with several parents writing in to express their delight – so thank you again!

Chris Radmann, Head of Sixth Form and Enrichment, Lord Wandsworth College

Mandy Hickson has an enviable ability to captivate and motivate her audience through frequent changes of pace and humour alongside fascinating insights into the life of a fast-jet pilot. Feedback from the girls on the lecture was positive and included praise such as, “really motivational” and “inspired me to strive to achieve my dream”.

Alison Burns-Cox, Director of Studies, St Swithun’s School

I would thoroughly recommend Mandy Hickson to anyone who wants to inspire,challenge or motivate others into achieving their goals. Right from the start, she engaged with the pupils and had them stunned in amazement as she showed ashort film of her flying the Tornado and other aircraft around the World. Having captured their imagination, she then went on to present some key factors that went into achieving her goals. Her honest and humorous stories were not only entertaining but often very emotional and you could not help but feel inspired. One student I spoke to at the end said “she has inspired me more in 10 mins than so many of my teachers in 5 years”
Not only does Mandy speak with confidence and honesty but she commands respect with the achievements she has made in her profession. I look forward to inviting her in again soon.

Andy Hider, The Westgate School

Thank you for attending our Post 16 Motivational Day. Your presentation was delivered professionally and was incredibly inspiring to all those that were present. It has had a great impact on our students and has assisted in setting the tone for a year of high academic achievement. It was key the way that your success was attributed to your determination and goals. Your presentation was certainly the highlight of the day for all Staff, Students and Businesses that were supporting the day.

Matt Bastable, Trustee, Ashton Park Independent School – West Sussex

Mandy spoke to a large group of aspiring middle leaders with passion, wit and sparks of inspiration that ignited their aspirations to aim high and live the dream.

Mr Chris Hummerstone, Headteacher , The Arnewood School

Chichester High School Sixth Form:

Really inspired me to achieve my goals – Sophie Atkinson

I left the seminar feeling focused and positive about my future in sixth form – Jessie Laker

Awesome – Jayson Abidaon

Mandy had the students in the palm of her hand. She related to the students on a personal level. There was a real buzz of motivation about the place the next day – Nick Brown, Head of Sixth Form

Eastleigh College:

The students were unanimous that it was an enjoyable, informative and highly relevant talk. The comments that came up most frequently were: Inspiring! Motivating! Fascinating! Exciting!
Other quotes from the students included:

“Mandy’s story was very moving and inspirational.”

“… really made me think about teamwork.”

“She made me think that you can succeed in anything if you are persistent and really aim high to achieve it.”

“I was, like, WOW!”

“I always wanted to be in the RAF but thought I’d never make it. Now she has motivated me to continue trying for it.”

These are just a few – I could go on! Perhaps the most telling indication of the positive impact that you had on our students on Monday was that, at our parents’ information evening on Tuesday all the parents were commenting about your talk and the fact that they hadn’t seen their teenagers so enthused in years (many said it was the first time they could remember being told unprompted about ANYTHING they had done in school!) High praise indeed! Thank you so much, Mandy, for getting our students off to such a motivating and inspiring start – I have no doubt that it will stand them in very good stead throughout their courses.

William Ronan, Eastleigh College

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